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About Us
„Via Rolla“ Ltd is a transport company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our company has been providing transport services since 2007. The company has been established by an ambitious team with a serious background in transportation and travel industry. We have created a high class service thanks to our dispatchers, drivers and suppliers, especially by offering a professional approach to our clients, whose satisfaction is our main goal.
Our customers are from different countries and nationalities, leisure and business travelers, families, weekend visitors, holiday passengers.
Our team speaks English and Russian. Our drivers have a solid background and have passed a special training program with reference to make your trip more pleasant, comfortable and safe.
Our vehicles are meeting all standards of smooth, comfortable and reliable journey.
The fleet is based in Sofia. During active winter and summer seasons we offer transfers to and from the main resorts in Bulgaria.
The price policy of the company is flexible and corresponding to all needs.
+359 88 800 7432
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